Just a Random Thought

How was your life in 2021? Especially in the first month of January. I hope you’re still healthy and keep the resolution going on. If you’re not, don’t worry, because a bunch of people doing it than still doing their resolution. However, I will give applause if you’re still consistent to make your dreams come true. 😃

Honestly, I think this is one of the worst January ever. Why? Hmm, there’s a lot of disaster in my Indonesia. Starting from Sriwijaya Plane Crash, Flood in South Kalimantan, Earthquakes on West Sulawesi, and many more. Ahead of time, I always waiting for January, actually because the 23rd of January is my birthday!

Now, my birthday is not special for me. It’s just like an ordinary day. There’s no party, gift from friends, or maybe just a birthday wishes from the closest people. Just thanks to whoever you are that sent messages to me 🤗. I won’t mention the name of them who has forgotten my special day (not again). Ahh, I should be happy, but I don’t know—since my last party’s birthday (sweet seventeen), there is nothing special again.

Let me get this straight. I realize that I was mature, not like a child that needs to be pampered. No fuc*ing way!  I just miss my childhood memories, there is always something that makes me happy. Oh, man I think the 20s are times when the stress level going up and worrying. Do you know what I mean? Yeah, we are on the track of a quarter-life crisis right now.

Pressure in many ways very annoying. While we are struggling to reach success, there will always be obstacles and so on. Hate that, but actually, that thing makes us grow and be better than before. Unfortunately, I came in late to aware of it. So, when my friends were on the top, I still on a way down. However, late is better than never, right? So, welcome February. Stop binge-watching drama series or anime, and let’s focus and raving about the future.

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